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White-footed Ants

Posted on March 13, 2014 at 4:46 PM
The white-footed ants, also known as Asian Ants, has been a growing concern in recent months. So I thought that I would share some information about this ants so that everyone could better aware. 

The white-footed ant is native to tropical Asia and was inadvertently introduced to Florida by way of cargo ships around 1986. This ant was first reported in Homestead and has increased in population as well as spread from one county to another.

White-footed ants do not bite, sting, nor have they shown to do any structural damage to homes.Although heavy populations have been known to short circuit A/C units, computers, and kitchen appliances just to name a few. The nest inside the appliances and as the population grows within that colony they physically cause the short circuit.

White-footed ants are attracted to sweet foods. So it is common to find them foraging indoors and outside on hedges that are infested with honeydew producing insects such as aphids and scales.

Because of there ever increasing population, traditional perimeter treatments, both over the counter and professional, can only provide temporary relief . And the baits that are traditionally used for sugar ants (Ghost Ants) will only eliminate some of the workers. There are no retail treatments for this ant and only a handful of professional products that can offer any type of relief and these treatments can be expensive as well as take time.

So if you think that you may have this type of problem or any other pest issue please contact Peyton's Pest Prevention.

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